Thursday, April 9, 2009

CSUN Spring Break

Every Thursday is CSUN Bible Study night for the Johnson family. We look forward to meeting on campus and having the opportunity to share Christ with those students. Our group has been growing, and we love them! This week is Spring break for the school, so we chose to have a BBQ/picnic night at Balboa Park. Instead of preaching, Jesse grilled with skills.
And some of the guys watched on with serious looks. 
A few of the girls snacked :)
I love Maddie's face here..."Are you my Daddy?" The Eliazer's are great with her. 
Let's play! After eating, I went to play soccer with a group a people, and Madison crawled around on a blanket. Jesse had her feed some of the ducks (this was not captured on camera!)
Cute girls!
And some of our guys- post game and looking tired.

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