Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What Did Aunt Dottie Send Maddie?

For as long as I can remember, Aunt Dottie has been the best gift-giver I know. She thinks of the perfect gift for each family member and even gets the package to arrive BEFORE the holiday (for our family, that is an accomplishment- we usually get people's gifts a week or so late on average :) So today the mailman knocked on our door with a package for "Madison Johnson". I knew right away that it was a little Easter surprise for Maddie from Great Great Aunt Dottie. 
Madison was pretty excited watching Daddy open the package. 
Somehow she ended up inside the box!
How adorable! Aunt Dottie sent Madison her first Easter card, bathing suit (and cover up), chick purse, and two pairs of socks. What a perfect gift! Thank you Aunt Dottie!
Here's Madison doing her stretches- getting ready for a big swim workout. 
What a cute back.
Playing with her phone. 
Here she is playing with a toy Aunt Dottie gave her for Christmas. She's showing off- standing up and holding on with only one hand! 
Thank you Aunt Dottie for this thoughtful gift. We love you and miss you terribly! We send kisses and hugs to you. 

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Ben and Melissa James said...

Ahhh! She's so cute! I just want to eat her up! Try to get over to mom & dad's so we can chat on Skype. I want to talk to Maddie too. I'm sure the kids would love it!