Monday, April 13, 2009


After two wonderful messages at church, we went to my parents house with about 10 of our friends for lunch. After lunch the fun began :) Thanks to GiGi we had an Easter egg hunt (they were sent to us earlier in the week). One of my friends and I hid all the eggs for the adults to find. This was not an easy hunt.
Here's a few funny pictures of Madison playing with the eggs. By the way, these were no ordinary eggs, they were plastic Noah's ark animals and sea creatures filled with different candies. She had such a good time chewing on them.

That's her pirate look (she's been reading the news lately)!
Pretty cool hiding place, if I do say so myself.
Can you find the egg? This was for a tall person.
Mimi was excited when she found an egg rolled up in the newspaper.
Shark egg.
In the bushes.
Keep looking...
After the adults found all the eggs some of the boys tried impressing Madison with juggling :)
Daddy was balancing them on her head.
Papa wanted his hugs. After that we played a few games and then went to night church. Thank you Papa and Mimi for making this day happen. We love you!


Jesse said...

I i would like the record to reflect that I found the egg in the tail-pipe, but Josh schnorked it from me because his fingers are tiny. An unfair travesty.

Mommy Roth said...

Maddie continues to keep us laughing! I check your blogs b/c I look forward to seeing her face! Oh and it's good to see you too...haha.

the e-wife, Karen said...

I seriously could not stop laughing over Maddie's pirate face! Your caption was hilarious!