Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We're Off!

Madison and I took a trip to Washington to visit some friends. She was a great travel partner. On the plane she slept, made friends with everyone around us, and ate. She loved looking out the window during take off and landing to wave at everything that passed by. It was precious!
Our first stop was at the Light/Higgin household. They have three adorable children, two parents, and two grandparents under one roof- what a busy place! Guess who is the Washington girl and who is the California girl? The weather was "warm" for little Hallie, but chilly for us. Hallie is the Higgin's youngest daughter. She's pretty cute.
Here is Maggie, who loves taking care of babies, and being girly.
Gale and Mimi posed for a grandmother's picture. It was fun to be on a mini vacation with my mom. Yes, Madison is crying because she had a slight constipation problem for a few days. She's all better now (Light Karo Syrup does the trick for babies, if you ever need that tip!)


bean said...

Yay! We had lots of fun having you here! I hope Maddie is feeling all better now. Love you!

Mommy Roth said...

I was wondering what you are giving Maddie for her allergies. Jack has been congested for nearly 2 months but not a cold just coughing at night and gagging on his flem. He does sound congested but no runny nose. Teething doesn't help either. Our once really good sleeper has turned into an all-nighter. Hope you had a great time in WA. Maddie is quite the traveller in her first year.

Mommy Roth said...

Thanks for the info. I am curious as to what my doctor would say but not so curious to go to the office again. Between 3 kids it seems like we were in there every other week the last several months. I'll look for the baby vapor rub and put vaporizer in there again.