Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jesse's Installation Service

We had a glorious day Sunday celebrating our family's move to Immanuel Bible Church.
Michael Easley, who was the lead teaching pastor at IBC in the past, preached the installation service.
Here's a little video snapshot from the service:
We were completely surprised to find out that one of the elders at IBC asked John and Lisa Martin to come sing at the service. We were so excited to have them there. I was filled with tears all three services as they sang! John MacArthur also had a video trailer that was played in the morning. He was extremely encouraging towards Jesse and the church here.
All the music that morning was incredible!

The elders prayed and layed hands on us at the end of each service.
After church, we came home for lunch with all the family that came in from out of town. There was Deb, Dad, Mom, Aunt Jennifer, Aunt Dottie, Gale, Jim, Aunt Deb, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa, and Kevin Edwards. Kevin came to the morning services, stayed with us that afternoon, and prayed at the evening service- we were so glad to have him here!
Gigi put the finishing touches on the horse Grandpa made.
Can you believe Grandpa made this wooden rocking horse?! The girls absolutely love it.
That evening, there was another service where Jesse gave a devotional from Colossians 1. The Martins and others lead beautiful worship, my dad closed in prayer, and the church body all signed a Bible for Jesse.
After the evening service, we had a dessert reception in the atrium.
It was a wonderful day celebrating what God is doing in our lives and the life of this church. We are so thankful for our family making the effort to be here, and for this body of believers that have so warmly welcomed us.


Karina said...

Wow! Praise God for all He is doing in your life and ministry. So excited to visit IBC now... Love that so many family members came out and sat around your dining room table :). Hugs!!

Patti Peters said...

What a wonderful celebration! We're so delighted at God's goodness in your lives. You are in a wonderful place and we're thanking the Lord with you!

Tanya Roberts said...

I am so thankful for your blog which connects you to us, your SoCal church! Andy and I are so elated for you guys and this new journey the Lord has called you both to. :) Not going to lie, I've shed tears of sadness to see you go and tears of joy to see you be welcomed with such love. God is so good! Praying for you both and for IBC.