Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bluemont Park

We love Mondays when Jesse stays home. It's our "Daddy Day". Sometimes we go for an outing, other days we stay at home and get things done. Last Monday we went to Bluemont Park for a little walk and playground fun.
 I love this man for so many reasons! 
 The girls loved throwing rocks in the stream and exploring.
 After our walk, we found this great park! The girls could have stayed for a long time pretending. This train was going to Africa (according to Maddie :).
 All aboard! 

Last week a friend and I sewed our burlap tree skirt. I love how it turned out! 
I also took the glass and brass door off the fireplace and filled it with candles. We can't used this fireplace because this chimney has something wrong with it, so the candles are the alternative. I think I like it. Our wood burning stove has been pumping out the heat from the basement. If we keep the fire going, our heat barely turns on!


Pumpkin Patch said...

Really like the candles!

Amanda said...

I love Maddie's nail polish. ;) your girls are so cute! Miss you guys.

Ferko said...

Haha the picture of Jesse is hilarious!! He kinda reminds me of piglet ;) And I LOVE the candles in the fireplace...very cute!! Love and miss you guys! xo