Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer is still here, but not for long

 Geneva was pretty much potty trained in a day! 
Everyone benefits from a potty party here. 
 Great Waves water park!
 Oh yeah!
 Maddie loves her new dress from Auntie L and her Bible cover from Faith.
Geneva was pretty excited to go to church with undies and her nails painted. 
I told her I'd paint her nails once she was potty trained- it was a really big deal to her. So precious!
 Savannah my little sweetie.
 She's a character.
This week we had Davis stay with us! Please pray for him as he serves God by translating the Bible to a group of people in Africa that don't have the Bible in their language yet.

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Ski Town Girl said...

Maddie looks so pretty in her dress! Savannah is a character and so proud of Geneva! Love you guys so much!