Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Day with Grandpa and Grandma!

The morning after we arrived in Denver, we met Robert and Deb at their hotel for breakfast. We had the most amazing meal- they treated us to gourmet food all day! (It started with lemon souffle pancakes!) After breakfast, we spent some time rolling around with Madison in their room- pretty cute!
From there, we went to Boulder. What a cute town (I could live there!). We walked through the shops, talked, and ate some more. Here we are having a little pit stop. 
Grandma and Maddie
Having some fun together!
Grandpa Robert got Madison a little keychain with her name on it- so it's hanging from her jacket zipper. Thank you!!
Sushi time! We had a delicious lunch together.
Look at that! We sat up at the counter watching them make these artworks that disappeared in minutes!
Deb and I couldn't help ourselves- we saved the right size spot for crepes. And I guess the guys did, too. The crepes were out of this world! After that we headed back to the hotel. Grandpa and Grandma watched Madison and let Jesse and I go have a date at the mall. We had such a fun day with you! Thank you for coming to see us, taking us out, and baby sitting Madison. We love you!

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Amanda said...

Oh my goodness. The third picture down, where Maddie is looking at the camera, she looks soooo cute! I love the face she is making! :0) Hope to see you around soon!