Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just the Three of Us

We headed out Monday morning, driving towards those majestic mountains! I was just tickled to get up in the snow.
On the way we saw a few buffalo.
We drove over Loveland Pass. When I got out of the car to take pictures, I was hit with freezing cold wind. It would have been fun to go snow shoeing or skiing, but it was negative 10 degrees! That's no weather for a 5 month old to be hanging out in.
We thought of having a picnic by the little stream, but it was just too cold!
Madison kept a straight face the whole time we were outside! She was so bundled up!
We found outlets, so we had our picnic there instead. 
Then we went shopping. It seemed like a crime to be inside when it was so gorgeous outside! We found some ridiculous deals! 
We are headed back into the city. There is no way to capture the beauty we saw that day. 
Denver has beautiful architecture
The Brown Palace. This is where WE stayed!!!! I actually got tears in my eyes when we got to our room- it was so elegant. 
Jesse feeding Madison in our room, overlooking 16th Street. 
We went for a walk that evening. It was so windy, that our stroller actually got off the ground! We were holding on tight. 
Then we drove to REI. This was the coolest place- it was an old railway station. There were 4 stories! Madison had her first climbing experience!
We had room service for dinner!!!! Take a look at this buffalo burger- it was so big we split it.
They had this adorable crib for Madison to sleep in. Apparently, she slept well in it!
She behaved like a lady as we ate breakfast in the hotel restaurant
She crawled back in bed after breakfast. She had the right idea. Can you find her?
She liked chewing on the rose!
We were so sad to leave! Next time we want to check out the Capitol Building. 
Here we are driving to the airport. What a fun trip! We thank the Lord for the time we spent together, It was truly refreshing. 

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Sara Mallon said...

Deidre I think you win the award for the most faithful blog updates ever :) I love seeing all of your fun pictures!