Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesse!

After dinner we went to the Grove. It's always fun walking around there, just holding hands and talking. 
I took Jesse to Lawry's for a prime rib dinner last night. He even had the waitresses sing Happy Birthday to him!
Jesse, I love you so much. You are the most godly person I know. You make life fun! Thank you for being a man of integrity and one that leads me to love the Lord even more than I love you. I thank God for the treasure you are to me. You are my best friend. I'm glad we get to grow old together!
This is your first birthday as a father! You are an amazing Dad- I have such joy watching you play with Madison, take care of her, pray for her, and be an example to her. You are a natural dad! She looks at you differently than anyone else, especially when you're talking. I look forward to seeing your relationship grow with her as she gets older!

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Ben and Melissa James said...

Happy birthday Jesse! You're finally 30 (again). Congrats! :) I bet Jesse loved having the waitresses sing to him...I would have enjoyed seeing that. You've got a gift coming. It'll be in our car on it's way out to CA on Saturday!