Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Lord Gives, and the Lord Takes Away!

I believe with all my heart, that as the Bible says, God is in control of ALL things. He is sovereign. There is such comfort in that- in both the small things and big things of life. I was reminded of this today in a small way. I carried all my things and Madison out to our car, ready for a day out when I found my entire stereo, sunglasses, and gate clicker stolen. Yes, that big hole is where it used to be- Jesse had got me a really nice one so I could listen to my IPOD in the car. It was a bit annoying not being able to leave without the gate clicker. (My mom did help out so I could go to the Police Station). Oh well! I was really thankful that the car and stroller were still there. 
Then, the next day my friend calls me and asks me to come over because she has "some" clothes for me that her daughter has grown out of. Well, they FILLED my car! I can't believe how God always provides. He is a gracious Father. I was thankful for the reminder!

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